Zhang San Feng – The Internal Alchemist,

Zhang San Feng – The Internal Alchemist – 张三丰 – 内丹大师

Besides being a master martial artist, Zhang San Feng is also a master in Daoist Internal Alchemy.  In his treaty “Speaking of the Dao in plain words”, Zhang San Feng provides a brief yet clear overview of the pathway of Dao cultivation via meditation and Internal Alchemy.

He discusses the general outline of different stages of Daoist cultivation, structure of the human essence-energy-spirit system, important explanation on key concepts such as truth, nature, spirit, mind, foundation practices in breathing and meditation, and barriers and useful attitudes to facilitate the practice.

As the master said, practice proceeded blindly leads one to go nowhere (section 16).  This article therefore helps practitioner to focus their efforts on the core and direct pathway towards the Dao.



他讨论了不同阶段的道家修炼,人精 – 气 – 神系统的结构,解释了关键的概念,如真理的大致轮廓,自然,精神,心灵,基础呼吸和打坐的做法和障碍,和有用的态度去帮助修炼。




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  1. Gregory Casey Avatar
    Gregory Casey

    Thank you! This work is truly a gem for those willing to listen to, and use it! It is helping me immensely in my daily practice. Peace & Blessings, – Greg Casey

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