Confucius Analects – by topics – 孔子论语 – 按题目分类

We have just finished a serious of lectures on Confucius Analects for personal development here in the mountain.  For the purpose of easy learning and appreciation of the text, Derek had reorganize the text by topics as follows:

“Confucius life; Superiorvs. Mean Man; Image, manner, lifestyle and expectation on oneself; Study; Practice/devotion; Life towards others; Trust and honesty; Appearance vs. essence; Mistakes and forgiveness; Food and rest; Knowledge/ wisdom; Filial Piety; Cautions; Working relationship; Leading/managing people; Teaching; Surviving in the changing world; General truth”

Confucius will come up next in our weekly free lecture after the conclusion of the current discussion on Laozi’s Daodejing.  Stay tuned to our blog to see what founder of Daoism and Confucianism had to say.  To zoom ahead you can check out the new link for Analects by topics here.我们在山上刚刚完成了孔子“论语”应用在个人发展的课程。为了易于大家的欣赏和学习,Derek对“论语”按题目分类如下:

“孔子一生,君子与小人; 形象,心态,自我要求; 学; 行; 待人,信,诚; 知识, 智慧,孝; 留意事项; 工作环境; 教, 安身; 普通观察“



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