Confucius Analects – Rush and you won’t arrive

Confucius Analects – Rush and you won’t arrive – 孔子论语 – 欲速则不达,见小利则大事不成

13.2 Do things thoroughly, avoid the temptation of seeking quick and minute advantages

子夏為莒父宰、問政。子曰、無欲速、無見小利。欲速則不達、 見小利則大事不成。

Zixia, being governor of Chu-fu, asked about government. The Master said, ‘Do not be desirous to have things done quickly; do not look at small advantages. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.’

* * *

When we grow flower, rushing it to grow by pulling it up will kill it; harvesting immaturely will prevent you from seeing the full blossom.    Impatient decisions are prone to mistakes, lost sight in short-term gain limits one’s long term development and outcome.  These errors can be readily seen not only in gardening and government, but also in personal relationships, workplace, business, and even in personal study and development.  Stay centered and unmoved from one’s rushingness and short-sightingness.  Aim big, stay put, and be patient, and we will see our flowers blossom.

13.2 欲速則不達、 見小利則大事不成

子夏為莒父宰、問政。子曰、無欲速、無見小利。欲速則不達、 見小利則大事不成。

* * *

当我们种花时,人为的把它拉高会杀死它,过早的收割会令你看不到它的盛开。不耐烦的决定容易出错,迷失于短小的利益之中会防碍人或事的长远发展。这错误不仅适用于种花园艺和政治,也适用于个人关系,工作场所,经商,甚至在个人学习和发展中。把持住自心的烦躁和短视。 定立远大的目标,持续的努力,和耐心的守候,我们终会看到花的盛放。


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