Confucius Analects – Men’s nature are alike

Confucius Analects – Men’s nature are alike – 孔子论语 – 性相近,习相远

Are we alike? Are we different? Despite of our racial, cultural differences, we are all human.  Confucius said the same.  He said that we are all alike at the source, yet our habits, believes and choices make us apart.

17.1 Men’s nature are alike


The Master said, ‘By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart.’

* * *

Great founders of major religions all reported that we come from the same source.  It is in this ultimate source that we are all born and close to each others.  Yet, through our evolution, habits, believes, and choices, we spin off from the source and declare ourselves to be different.

Ordinary people establish their identity via separation, whereas spiritual aspirants establish their identity through unity.   By study, practice and mastery, we transcend our habitual identification with the separate, align with the source, and unit with the whole.我們相似嗎?我們不一樣嗎?尽管我们有种族和文化的差异,但是我们都是人。孔子也说一样。他说,我们本性非常近,但我们的习惯,信仰和选择,使我们之间的距离越来越远。

17.1 性相近,習相遠


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