Health Tips during Virus Outbreak

Health tips during Virus outbreak:

Basic hygiene:
1) wear a mask in public place
2) wash hands frequently (soap better than hand sanitizers), and avoid touching face
3) avoid crowded area
4) keep good 6-8 feet distance from others
5) careful of dirty public items (handrails, door handles, toilet
water tap, door, seats)
6) stay away from smokers and dining people who have higher tendency of coughing and thus spreading sinus liquid
7) minimize social gathering (meals, parties, etc.) – lips nose, eyes are main entrance points of virus

Physical and mental wellness:
1) eat fresh, clean, fully cooked
2) adequate rest
3) stay positive, align to higher positive energy fields if available
4) be critical reading virus news
5) stay mentally strong against financial and social turbulence
6) remember you are loved by the Divine in the Absolute sense no matter what rubbish human are throwing at each other
7) protect and be the best of yourself and surrender the rest to the higher Wisdom

Stay Strong. We shall ride out this storm together.


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