Lunchtime qigong

Lunchtime qigong this week, as group is generally healthy, we did meditation instead. After about a year of practice, we sat and it was a meal’s time. All is well, with many healthy reports in body and mind.

Actually, meditation is an advanced form of qigong, much like how martial artists sit and heal in martial arts stories.

While normal qigong originates from the ego mind, in duality, and easily leads to bias and errors, advance qigong proceeds in nonself and nondoing, it’s relaxed, natural, efficient, and safe.

A student said afterwards, time flies in happiness, quite enjoyable stage it is.

今日lunchtime qigong,同學們身體大致安好,我建議不如做meditation。經過一年來訓練,大家盤腿一坐,便是一頓飯的時間。而坐後同學都有些不錯的身心報告。




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