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  • Human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

    Human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

    What is Intelligence? What is fundamental difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI)? When AI becomes more developed, what value could human still brings to the world, and to our own lives? A forum is upcoming this year, that brings together technological and traditional cultural leaders, to start discussing the above. If you are…

  • New Year insight

    New Year insight

    Besides exchanging blessings and red pockets, some Chinese would ask fortune at temples during Chinese New Year, to get direction and insight for the year. Insight are divided into three groups, (上) refers to positive messages, (中) refers to neutral messages, and (下) refers to cautionary messages. May your insights be the most positive ones…

  • New Year of the Dragon

    New Year of the Dragon

    Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon! May your year be filled with strength, vibrancy, and prosperity! #CNY2024#blessings

  • Taochat Dec 2023 – Essence of Zen

    Taochat Dec 2023 – Essence of Zen

    What is Zen?Origin of Zen, Magic of ZenDifference between concentration, sitting meditation, and ZenCultivating Zen – blockages and sidetracks3 levels of SurrenderSurrender MeditationQ&A Join us in Dec10 online community zoom Taochat, last one in 2023 – Essence of Zen Date/Time:Sun (Dec10), 11pm-12am (Sydney/Melbourne)Sun (Dec10), 9-10pm (Tokyo/Seoul)Sun (Dec10), 8-9pm (Beijing/Hong Kong/Taipei)Sun (Dec10), 1-2pm (Stockholm)Sun (Dec10), 12-1pm…

  • Health Tips during Virus Outbreak

    Health Tips during Virus Outbreak

    Health tips during Virus outbreak: Basic hygiene: 1) wear a mask in public place 2) wash hands frequently (soap better than hand sanitizers), and avoid touching face 3) avoid crowded area 4) keep good 6-8 feet distance from others 5) careful of dirty public items (handrails, door handles, toilet water tap, door, seats) 6) stay…




    [:en]To align better to the purpose of sharing Chinese Wisdom on an online space, has migrated to effective today, and name of this page is updated according.  Thanks for your continual support![:]

  • New Year – 新年好

    New Year – 新年好



    [:en]新一年,大家無明地中繼續努力,貼地前行,福德智慧增長。 New year starts. May we proceed forward with persistent effort and right direction, to increasing blessings and wisdom.[:zh]新一年,大家無明地中繼續努力,貼地前行,福德智慧增長。[:]

  • Zen Reality and Practice – 不著不舍

    Zen Reality and Practice – 不著不舍

    實際理地不著一塵,萬行門中不捨一法。 – 禪宗祖師 Ultimate reality is not bounded by any manifestation, yet actual practice embraces all of them. – Zen Master實際理地不著一塵,萬行門中不捨一法。 – 禪宗祖師

  • Reference from Academia

    Reference from Academia



    “Derek is a genuine man of wisdom, and an authentic spiritual teacher who embodies and masterfully passes on the wisdom of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian traditions that he absorbed from both traditional and contemporary teachers. He is of gentle, intelligent, kind disposition, and a heart of compassion that moves him to generously disseminate and share the wisdom of Chinese…

  • US Tour 2014 – photos

    US Tour 2014 – photos



    Advance weekend intensive at the Yoga Center Minneapolis: Five animal qigong workshop at School of Shaolin Kungfu: Essential principles in Chinese Spirituality/ Practical considerations in spiritual cultivation at Formless Form Qigong: Integrating Daoist Confucius and Buddhist teachings into a personal philosophy and practice Lecture at Macalester College: Taoist Meditation workshop at Body Balance Academy:

  • Online Class – foundation course completed – 网上课程 – 基础课程完成

    Online Class – foundation course completed – 网上课程 – 基础课程完成

    Dear readers, After 26 months of discussion and exploration, we have finally completed our online discussion on the core teachings of the three great classics in Chinese Civilization.   With the focus on personal and spiritual cultivation, we first learnt about the transcendental reality and the way towards it from Laozi’s Daodejing.  After understanding our…

  • US Tour April 2014

    US Tour April 2014



    Derek is coming to the US again for a lecture tour this coming April!  Check out his teaching schedule: Don’t miss this rare chance to further your understanding and practice on Chinese Philosophy and Spirituality!  Please register early to ensure availability.  If you want to organize a workshop or schedule a private session with Derek…

  • Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse! – 新年快乐,马年进步!

    Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse! – 新年快乐,马年进步!



    Wish all health, prosperity, happiness in this new year of the horse! For students, wish you great learning and leap in your understanding of your self and the world; For the meditators, wish you new break through and steady improvement in your concentration and awareness; For worldly practitioners, wish you success in all your relationships…

  • Derek is now in Hong Kong

    Derek is now in Hong Kong



    To truly live up with his teachings and to further deepening his own practice, after spending 4 years in the Wudang Mountain, Derek has decided to relocate back to Hong Kong, and will be stationing there starting this year.   He will continue his writing and teaching there part-time, and the weekly online class on…

  • Derek’s Approach – update – 教学方案 – 更新

    No self is the Dao, no self and no “no self”; Proper awareness is the Buddha, and there is no such thing as proper awareness; Charity is the Superior Man, who proceeds in  middle of Confucianism Daoism and Buddhism. 无我就是道,无我无无我; 正觉就是佛,正觉非正觉; 布施是君子,儒佛道中行。无我就是道,无我无无我; 正觉就是佛,正觉非正觉; 布施是君子,儒佛道中行。

  • Website Maintenance completed – 网站维护完成

    Website Maintenance completed – 网站维护完成

    Dear readers/subscriber, has just undergone website maintenance,  weekly online class and newsletter will resume this coming Sunday (Nov24) . Thank you for your attention and ongoing support! Blessings, Derek亲爱的读者, lisiming.net刚刚完成了网站维护,我们的每周在线课堂和通讯将会于本周日(十一月二十四日)继续。谢谢您的关注和支持! 平安, Derek

  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节快乐

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节快乐



    May man last long, so we can meet our missed (但愿人长久,千里共婵娟)。 * * * If you are thinking about their family, may you be re-united with your loved ones; If you are thinking about truth, may you realize that Truth have always been with you. * * * Thinking of you on this special day.…

  • Autumn Health Tips – 秋季养生

    Autumn Health Tips – 秋季养生

    Today is the Chinese weather date Bailu (白露), which indicates weather is well into the Autumn/Fall season.  After the long hot summer, the active hot energy is almost over and is slowly declining downwards and inwards back to the earth.  With every rain shower the temperature gets cooler, leaves are falling, and everything is going…

  • Lecture at AAAOM on May 15, 2013

    Lecture at AAAOM on May 15, 2013



    Cultivating Peace of Mind Li SiMing Presents Lecture at AAAOM “Man follows earth; earth follows heaven; heaven follows Tao; Tao follows its own path.” (Tao Te Ching, Chapter 25). On May 15, 2013, Taoist philosopher and Qi Gong master Li SiMing, from Wudang Mountain in China, presented some of his views on the Taoist basis…

  • Buddhist Diamond Sutra – starting next week – 佛家金刚经 – 下周开始

    Buddhist Diamond Sutra – starting next week – 佛家金刚经 – 下周开始

    We finished our discussion on  Confucius Analects last week.  So far we have gone through the core teachings from Laozi’s Daodejing, and Confucius Analect.  Starting next week, we will start our discussion on one of the core text in Buddhism – Diamond Sutra.  Here is an overview of the text: If reality is beyond the…