Daoist Regimen – 养生

Daoist believes that when life is lived in accordance with healthy ways, people can achieve their natural age of over one hundreds years old (source: Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor).  How did Daoist approach this task of Regimen?  Wudang Mountain offers a 4-layer framework of Life Style, Exercise, Medicine, and Culture.

First, it is suggested that one maintains a proper Life Style that matches with the natural rhythms of the nature and its seasonal changes.  For example, when the daylight is long in the summer, go to bed late and wake up early; whereas in winter time, where the day light is short, go to bed early and wake up late.  In diet, eat seasonal foods which are grown in accordance to the different climate in each season, and select specific food that balances the energy of individual body and external environment.

4 seasons
4 seasons


Then, maintain suitable internal (anaerobic) and external (aerobic) exercises to generate, move, and store energy.  Daoist practitioners have invented countless exercise to achieve this goal such as Qi-gong, Baduanjin, Tai-chi, and various forms of kungfu and martial arts trainings.


Thirdly, when one encounter sickness, know the right diagnosis and treatment to facilitate healing. Self diagnose or find a qualified doctor for proper diagnosis, and receive proper treatment such as massages, acupunctures, pills, herbs, and pills.

Finally, maintain a healthy culture which include a healthy attitude towards life (prescribed in Daoist Philosophies), healthy activities and hobbies such as classical music, chess, calligraphy, and painting; and cultivation mind and spirituality.

道家认为,按照健康的方式去生活,我们可以实现自己超过一百年的自然年龄(来源:黄帝内经)。那我们若要长寿,应如何养生? 武当山道家养生提供了一个四层框架的养生模式:生活习惯,运动,医药,文化。

首先,是配合季节变化和自然规律的生活习惯。例如,夏天白天长,可晚睡早起;而在冬天的时候,在白天光线很短,可早睡晚起。 在饮食上,不时不食,只吃在每个季节生长的时令食品,并选择适合的食物来平衡个人身体和外部环境的情况。

4 seasons





最后,保持健康的生活文化,其中包括健康的生活态度(道家哲学,文化),和健康的生活爱好,如古典音乐,象棋,书法,绘画等, 来培养心灵和精神的健康。