daoist meditation

1) What is Meditation?

– Meditation is paying attention.

2) To what are we meditating on?

– To our body, mind, spirit, and beyond.

3) For what purposes?

– To develop focus and awareness, which are required for the mastery and transcendence of our body-mind-spirit.

4) What are the benefits?

– Preservation and cultivation of life energy, reflection on one’s condition, healing of body, clarity of mind, increase of focus, understanding of self, and realization of reality.

5) How to proceed and how to select a teacher/teachings?

– Choose an authentic teacher and/or a method that suits your situation and need.  If you come study with Derek, he teaches meditation techniques from both Daoist and Buddhist traditions.

6) What is the roadmap?

– Generally speaking, meditation starts in a designated time, location and posture; then in a more advance stage, meditation extends and becomes an on-going practice throughout the day, the meditative state is maintained in all situation, and is fully integrated in one’s life.