Messages from Water

praying hands crystals web - Masaru Emoto's messages from water

In contrast to traditional Chinese philosophy, which looks at the body mind spirit as a connected whole, modern science tends to look at them as separate subjects, e.g. physiology, psychology, theology, etc. as if they operate in separate worlds with different rules.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japan Open International University Doctorate of Alternative Medicine, conducted experiment on water crystals which show that thoughts attitudes and emotions (mind) can actually affects the physical reality (body). Essentially, Dr. Masaru Emoto captured water’s ‘expressions.’ He developed a technique using a very powerful microscope in a very cold room along with high-speed photography, to photograph newly formed crystals of frozen water samples. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words and music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”. Some of the results are as follows:

Mozart - Dr. Masaru Emoto's messages from water

Music: Mozart Symphony

Heavy Metal - Dr. Masaru Emoto's messages from water
Music: Heavy Metal Music

You make me sick - Dr. Masaru Emoto's messages from water
Label: You Make Me Sick

Love and gratitude - Dr. Masaru Emoto's messages from water
Label: Love and Gratitude

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work confirms with the Chinese wisdom that mind and body are connected. The cultivation of the mind, therefore, not only change the mental reality of a person, but would also affect body and the physical reality of the world.