Study With Derek

Derek is currently residing in Hong Kong.

If you want to study with him, here are the options:

  1. Individual or group class/seminar in Hong Kong or at other arranged locations
  2. 12-day Heart of China Cultural Spiritual Tour
  3. 100-Hour Chinese Spirituality Foundation Program
  4. Personalized spiritual/retreat program in Wudang Mountain or other arranged locations
  5. Free Online Lessons
Contact Derek for more information.

Topics Derek teaches:

1) Confucius:  Analects for personal and spiritual cultivation

2) Daoist: Basic theories (5-element, essence-energy-spirit, yin-yang, bagua systems, Daoist regiment); Philosophy (Laozi’s Daodejing, Qingjinjing); Daoist Cultivation (Meditation, Internal Alchemy, Zhang San Feng teachings)

3) Buddhist: Zen Buddhist Philosophy (Heart Sutra, Diamond Sutra, Zen Teachings of Bodhidharma)

4) Chinese Culture: Chinese language for beginners; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) basics; I-Ching (Book of Changes); Elementary Feng Shui (Chinese interior design); Chinese Kungfu (Taiji, Qigong, Kungfu basics).

5) General Spirituality: Structure of the human body-mind-spirit, nature of the self, levels of ego, karma and choice,  meditation.


如果你想找Derek学习, 可以透过以下的方式:

  1. 个人/团体课程 香港或其他地点
  2. 十二天中国之心文化修道团
  3. 自定的个人/团体养生修炼团 
  4. 免费的网上课程
问题或查询, Derek


1) 儒家:  论语应用于个人发展和心灵培养

2) 道家: 基本理论 (五行, 精气神, 阴阳, 八卦, 养生); 哲学(老子道德经,清静经); 道家修炼 (打坐, 内丹,张三丰教导)

3) 佛家: 禅宗经典(心经, 金刚经,达摩禅)

4) 中国文化: 中医基础, 易经, 风水入门, 中国功夫,太极,气功,打坐