100-Hour Chinese Spirituality Foundation Program

100 hour Chinese Spirituality Foundation Program


This is a 4-week, full-time, foundation program for Chinese Spirituality and Cultivation.


1) To cultivate basic physical and energetic health through Chinese traditional and holistic practices

2) To learn basic techniques and approaches in meditation from Taoist and Buddhist traditions

3) To acquire essential information in Chinese philosophy and cultivation, so that upon completion of the program, practitioner could continue practice safely on their own

Program Content:

Part One: Physical and Energetic Exercises – 30 hours

– Purpose: to cultivate physical and energetic awareness and health

– Content: Traditional Chinese Kungfu Basics, Tai Chi movements, Chi Kung practices

Part Two: Theories and Philosophy – 36 hours

– Purpose: To develop essential knowledge in Chinese Philosophy and Spirituality, to learn the general direction of and roadmap to spiritual cultivation

– Content: Yin Yang, 5 Element, Bagua, I-Ching, TCM basics, Confucius Analects, Taoist Tao Te Ching, Buddhist Diamond Sutra

Part Three: Meditation and Internal Alchemy – 34 hours

– Purpose: to cultivate and develop awareness and concentration,  to learn different techniques for handling different situations in practice and life

– Content: Sitting meditation, standing meditation, sound meditation, movement meditation, Chinese Caligraphy

Daily Schedule (subject to seasonal adjustment):

Morning lecture: 9:30am-11am

Morning meditation: 11am-12pm

Afternoon exercises: 4pm-5:30pm

Afternoon meditation:5:30-6pm

Weekly off: Saturday afternoon and Sunday whole day


All classes will be held by Li Si Ming personally.  More information about Li Si Ming can be found here.

Medium of instruction:

All classes will be held in English or Chinese depend on participants’ need.

Program Location:

Currently the program is offered in Wudang Mountain of China.


Interested party please contact Derek direct through contact form here,