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  • Timing 時機

    Timing 時機

    When the ego is transcended, mental notion of time disappears. What left then, is the unseen propensities and intentions come into manifestations, when conditions are right. In such state, timing is always perfect, universally fair, and just. Level of truth 950 我相超越後, 心理的時間概念就會消失. 剩下來的, 是我相習性隨因緣和合的顯現和消散, 與無盡生命之開展和顯現. 在這狀態中, 時機會捕捉的剛剛好, 世界是永恆的公平, 與平等. 真理水平950

  • Dao De Jing 8 – Dao is like water

    Dao De Jing 8 – Dao is like water

    The highest virtue is like that of water. Water benefits everything and does not fight, it positions itself at place everyone dislike, and therefore is close to the Dao. -> As we already discussed, the Dao is everywhere, impartial, and limitless.  It represents the source and context of all, and therefore allows for and benefits all…