The chinese civilization is blessed with a very rich culture of wisdom –

Especially Buddhist, confucian and daoist philosophy.

Great saints and sages have arisen throughout the 5000 years of recorded Chinese history. They left us with blessings and teachings that represent the core of Buddhist, Confucian and Daoist philosophy in China.

The purpose of this site is to share some of the teachings from  the masters of Buddhist, confucian and daoist philosophy, so we can integrate their wisdom into our modern life for the upliftment and fulfillment of all.

About LI Siming:

LI Siming (Derek) is a spiritual teacher specializing in Daoist philosophy and non-duality. He has held lectures in Confucius, Daoist and Buddhist philosophy in the US, Hong Kong, and China. He is currently residing in Hong Kong, working full time as a transportation planner/engineer, and teaching part time as a Chinese philosophy, qigong and meditation teacher.

Derek started his spiritual pursuit at college. Apart from academic exposure in eastern and western philosophy, he trained himself in a variety of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines, including Shaolin Kungfu, Taichi, Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Judo, Yoga, Energy Healing, Zen Meditation, Self Enquiry, and Devotional Nonduality.

Derek is fluent in English and Chinese, He attained a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), worked as a researcher and engineer in the US, and as planner, police inspector, and business manager in Hong Kong. He is married with a son, and he strives to live his life as a transcended yet normal person in the world.

Derek Li Si Ming

Derek Li Si Ming


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Prof. Erik W. Davis, Macalester College, US

I recently had the pleasure of organizing a student-centered event led by Master Li Siming, on the topic of Daoist philosophy and religion, for Macalester College’s Department of Religious Studies. I highly recommend Master Li to similar groups.

In the academic study of religion, our department prioritizes history, context, and social process and change. We do not prioritize personal spiritual development or practice. However, many of our students have a deep interest in the latter. Moreover, while I teach several Asian traditions in our department, I have no particular competency in Daoism. As a result, Master Li’s presentation met two needs of our student body that complemented our departmental offerings, and which increased interest in the academic study, aiming at the spiritual and practical needs of our student body.

Master Li began with a compelling demonstration, and segued into a discussion of his own path and development, leading from his days as an engineering student at MIT to his current existence as a family man and teacher, ending with a question and answer period with the students. The entire presentation was compelling, and Master Li was able to hold student interest very easily. I was particularly impressed with the question and answer session delicate and brave questions were asked by the students, and the answers given were thoughtful, careful not to overreach, and provoked additional reflection.

In summary, I highly recommend any institution of higher learning to consider inviting Master Li to present; I believe that both the institutional goals, and the private goals of individual students, will be well-served through such a presentation.

Professor Erik W. Davis
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Macalester College, US

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